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Smoke Shop in Pasadena, California
I’m in love with a California seaside boy” The Doobie Brothers Ukiah The Doobie Brothers are a rock band from San Jose, Calfornia. Most of their success was within the Seventies, including a few #1 hits, and they are still performing . This track is from the band’s 1973 album “The Captain and Me.” Death Cab For Cutie Bixby Canyon Bridge Death Cab For Cutie is an Indie rock band from Bellingham Washington. This music from 2007 is about that very tall scenic cement bridge over a cnayon next to the ocean on highway one close to Big Sur that you’ve seen incessantly in movies, TV exhibits, and commercials.
Smoke Shop in Pasadena, California
Move, The California Man The 1972 music by The Move (Roy Wood’s band that turned The Electric Light Orchestra) with a bunch of basic boogie rock nonsense lyrics a few get together where the jive is really cool and he is a California man and might’t cease dancing. Mötley Crüe Girls, Girls, Girls Mötley Crüe are an enormously commercially profitable heavy metallic band fashioned in L.A. But boy do I hate 80s glam metal spandex hair bands, and their movies. This track is from the band’s album of the same name, released in 1987. It’s an ode to the tremendous contributions made to society by brilliant and successful women everywhere in the world. It’s only a silly music about feminine strippers that, based on Wickipedia, mentions several L.A. strip clubs on the Sunset Strip – The Tropicana, The Body Shop, and Seventh Veil.
Rolling Stones, The Far Away Eyes From from the band’s “Some Girls” album launched in 1978, that is another nice Jagger/Richards composition in the Bakersfield Country style. It’s onerous to think about that there’s much of an viewers in Bakersfield for black gospel music, however Jagger mentioned the country stations there performed it on Sunday mornings and evenings when he drove by way of. It’s additionally hard to think about Mick Jagger driving by way of Bakersfield. California doesn’t appear to think I’m ready but….” Rivieras California Sun The Rivieras was a rock band from Indiana, part of the early 60’s “frat rock” sound that was overtaken by the British Invasion shortly thereafter. This track was an enormous hit in 1964. It was additionally recorded in the mid 70’s by the Dictators and the Ramones and doubtless a hundred other bands. empire glassworks mini beehive recycler is a coungry singer-songwriter.

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Sublime What I Got This is another song from the band’s last album “Sublime” launched in 1996. From the La Brea pit Sublime April 29, Sublime was a ska punk band formed in Long Beach in 1988 that broke up far too quickly due to a drug overdose. This track concerning the riots in Los Angeles in 1992 is from the band’s last album “Sublime” released in 1996. Have a pleasant day” Stereophonics Plastic California This is from the band’s 1999 album “Performance and Cocktails.” It’s another music denigrating California tourism. Blackpool is a seaside resort on the northwest coast of England. ” Sia California Dreamin’ Sia is a singer/songwriter originally from Australia. This is a wonderful version of the Mamas and the Papas traditional from the 2015 San Andreas soundtrack. Silver Convention San Francisco Hustle Silver conference were a disco band from Germany, finest recognized for their #1 hit “Fly, Robin, Fly.” This is another disco dance music from the band’s album “Get Up and Boogie” released in 1976. Karen Michelle might really be shell shocked now, as a result of, after what were interpreted as anti-homosexual rants at a present in San Francisco in 2013, she was shunned as a homophobic fundamentalist Christian.
St. Vincent Los Ageless St. Vincent is the stage name for Anne Clark, a Grammy-profitable singer-songwriter known for her innovative guitar taking part in. This song is from her Masseduction album launched in 2017, and no, that is not a typo.

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Three Dog Night Never Been to Spain Three Dog Night was an American rock band from L.A. who recorded a bunch of hit songs in the late 60s and early 70s, largely written by other songwriters.
He’s one other great musician who proves that genres are no longer very related. Tyga man.” Mark Lindsay Arizona Mark Lindsay was the lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders, a rock band that originated in Idaho in 1958. This track, a hit in 1969, is named after the singer’s girlfriend, not the state.
She hasn’t launched any new music as far as I can find since 2009, and, after I checked again in May 2020, her music seems to have disappeared from most locations on-line. A lot of journalists have requested the question should we nonetheless listen to music made by individuals whose conduct has been immoral or prejudiced and even felony – including musicians corresponding to R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Gary Glitter, and even Michelle Shocked. I do not have a solution for that however it’s a disgrace that this track, from her album “Arkansas Traveler” released in 1992, is now not out there as a result of it’s a fantastic L.A. track that takes us on a trip all around the city and the song even contains an earthquake, as the singer rides her reclaimed Yamaha 920 motorbike within the hills. Berdoo” Charley Ryan Hot Rod Lincoln This is a 1955 rockabilly answer song to Arkie Shibley’s 1950 song Hot Rod Race. The singer of this track is the Model A driver in Shibley’s track who comes out of nowhere to win the race. It was a high ten hit in 1971 for Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. California – your paradise” Runaways, The Hollywood This is one of their higher recognized songs from the band’s 1977 album “Queens of Noise.”
Smoke Shop in Pasadena, California
This music is from their second album “GN’R Lies” launched in 1988. Axl Rose wrote it about his expertise of getting hustled within the Greyhound bus station when he first arrived in L.A. The music triggered lots of controversy because of the homophobic, racist, anti-immigrant, and anti-police sentiments of the character singing the song. This town” Gomez California Gomez is an English indie rock band fashioned in 1997. This song is from their 1999 album “Liquid Skin.”
This music is from the band’s album “How Do You Love?” launched in 2019. This music gets extra credit for providing to make a playlist of the songs of a band from California. Wastin’ time” The Regrettes California Friends The Regrettes is a rock band formed in 2015 in Los Angeles and led by Lydia Night. Just a quiet peaceful dance for the things we don’t have” Rascall Flats She’d Be California A 2009 song from the Ohio nation band with yet another tanned blonde with a convertible. But this time they’re saying if California was a woman, it will appear to be her, or she must be a movie star, or one thing like that.

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In a metropolis of a minimum of four million folks, that’s plenty of events should you think about all the birthday events, pool events, house events, cocktail events, weddings, bar mitzvah parties, Quinceañeras, and so forth. and so forth. But it is still a really infectious pop song with a great bass line. Margo Price Cocaine Cowboys This is another music from Price’s 2017 album “All American Made.” It only has one reference to California in a listing of places, and many songs like that I have not taken the time to add, but since this one has a cheezy 70s wah wah guitar sound and it is about drugged up cowboys who are bad within the saddle and she or he rhymes “Seattle” with “Cattle,” right here it’s. Unless I lay it between the traces” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers California Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Tom Petty is one of the greatest selling music artists of all time. He grew up in Florida where he formed his band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. This is another California track with an apocalyptic earthquake reference. so I actually have strung the frame.” Gram Parsons California Cottonfields This is a rustic rock song about mud bowl refugees going to Califirornia to seek out work picking cotton. It’s from the album Live in 1973, released posthumously. Parsons made an album with the Byrds and two with the Flying Burrito Brothers then went solo, serving to to create the L.A. nation sound of the 70s and becoming an Alt Country forefather. however once I come again, boy, I’m comin straight outta Compton” Laura Nyro California Shoeshine Boys Laura Nyro was a singer/songwriter from New York, now within the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who additionally wrote hit songs for and influenced many other artists. This is an upbeat folk rock music with a banjo from her first album “The First Songs” launched in 1967.
This music is from their 1993 platinum-promoting album “Deluxe.” It’s a street trip song about driving into California, so it might be negligent of me not to level out that the singer appears to be driving west on the 40 from Texas via Tucumcari New Mexico to Barstow and beyond. Taking that route, there isn’t a method he would ever get near the Grand Canyon or Death Valley, and Phoenix is a couple of hours south. If he did go to Phoenix, then he would take the ten west, not the 40 through Barstow. I suppose it is attainable he took a very long detour as much as the canyon after which to the valley then down to Barstow. So enjoy the music, however do not base your journey itinerary on it when you’re seeking to get to the west coast in a rush. I’ve been waiting for you to see via dankstop multi color swirled hand pipe my disguise” Beatles, The Blue Jay Way The Beatles were a rock band fashioned in Liverpool, England in 1960. The band broke up in 1970 however it’s nonetheless the best-selling music act of all time, and is often thought to be essentially the most influential band of all time. George Harrison wrote the track. Blue Jay Way is a avenue in “The Bird Streets” area of the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles the place Harrison stayed in 1967. (I hope you are residence)” The Beat Farmers Riverside The Beat Farmers have been a cowpunk band fashioned in San Diego in 1983. This is from their 1986 release “Van Go.” There’s most likely a city referred to as Riverside in each state, however this song is unquestionably about Riverside California, which still has some orange groves left for a late evening rendezvous.
This brassy nightclub jazz ballad is from her 1968 album “Welcome to My Love.” In the San Francisco of 1968 I’ll wager you could get high just respiration the air – in certain parts of town at least. I vote that we retire the Tony Bennett anthem and use this one now.
This is one other track a few girlfriend who leaves for California presumbably to find fame and stardom. In the music it isn’t clear what occurs to her, however within the video she finally ends up as a hooker with a pink wig working on Santa Monica Boulevard. Maybe the song is definitely named after the Boulevard and that is why the song isn’t named “Hollywood” or “L.A.” or “California” like all of the others. We couldn’t win in the end.” Supertramp Breakfast in America Supertramp was an English rock band fashioned in 1969. This music is from the band’s 1979 album “Breakfast in America.” Stranglers, The Dead Loss Angeles The Stranglers are a rock band fashioned through the punk period in England within the Nineteen Seventies. This music is from their 1979 album “The Raven.” I wonder in the event that they wrote this after taking a tour of the La Brea Tar Pits or something. Well I’m happy to fulfill you” Steve Miller Band, The Rock’n Me The Steve Miller Band was fashioned in San Francisco in 1966 and had fairly a couple of classic rock hits within the mid 70s and early 80s, including this one from the band’s 1976 album Fly Like an Eagle. It’s one other music that stereotypes California Girls.
The lyrics are a bit too specific for me to indicate many here. You’re not in Kansas anymore” Metro Station California Another let’s-get-in-the-automobile-and-drive-to-California track from this L.A. On such a winter’s day, on such a winter’s day” Mamas and the Papas, The Creeque Alley This song from the 1967 album “Deliver,” tells the story of the formation of The Mamas and The Papas, with references to other people artists and bands of the time. After the success of their huge hit “California Dreamin'” which is talked about in the final line of the track, the band was not “broke, busted, disgusted” and forced to outlive on credit. With an old friend at your side” Low California California is not all sandy beaches and palm trees, but there aren’t many songs about California when it’s cold and wet. Low is an indie rock slowcore band, but this 2005 tune has slightly extra energy and tempo than a lot of their music. This alt country truck driving basic was launched in 1971 on the band’s “Little Feat” album, then again in a faster extra successful model with more devices on their “Sailin’ Shoes” album launched in 1972. It solely mentions the city of Tehachapi briefly in an inventory of T-cities, but that’s sufficient for me.
Released in 2017, this music is about a girl who appears to be a little bit of a stalker. The singer claims she goes round to each get together in L.A.
Rihanna California King Bed Rihanna is a singer, songwriter, and actress initially from Barbados, who has turn into one of the best promoting musical artists of all time. This track is from her 2010 album “Loud.” I wish santa cruz shredder small 4 piece herb grinder to think that Rihanna is singing a love music to her pet California Kingsnake, however I’m probably the one one. Pretenders Hollywood Perfume The Pretenders are an English-American rock band shaped in 1978 and fronted by Chrissie Hynde.
In the shadow of California” Blues Image, The Ride Captain Ride The Blues Image was a rock band from Florida who moved to L.A. like most every different band in the ’60s. This song was their biggest hit, from their second album “Open” launched in 1970. “Baby you, oh baby you might be mine” Better Than Ezra Coyote Better Than Ezra is another rock band based in New Orleans that fashioned in 1988.

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Living life in la la land” Go-Go’s, The This Town This song is from the band’s debut album “Beauty and the Beat” released in 1981 and considered one of many seminal albums of the Nineteen Eighties in addition to one of empire glassworks plumbus hand pipe many 500 greatest albums of all time, based on Rolling Stone. Gin Blossoms California Sun Gin Blossoms is an alternative rock band fashioned in 1987 in Arizona. This music is from their 2006 album “Major Lodge Victory.”
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And I found a bit of me that I never knew” Stereophonics Have a Nice Day Stereophonics are a Welsh rock band formed in 1992. This track is from their 2001 album “Just Enough Education to Perform.” It’s about the vacuousness of tourism and conformity or one thing like that. That’s precisely what they need to count on if they will touristy locations like Pier 39. Starcrawler I Love L.A. Starcrawler is a rock band fashioned in L.A. in 2015 who sound on this music like they fashioned back when guitar rock and quarter-a-name pay telephones had been nonetheless alive. Skatalites, The Skalifornia The Skatalites are a ska band from Jamaica that performed from then formed again in 1983. This is an instrumental music, but because it has such a great California music name, I needed to embody it here.
Champagne poppin’, she gon’ swallow that….” The Descendents Catalina The Descendents are a punk rock band formed in 1977 in Manhattan Beach. This music is from their first album “Milo Goes to College” launched in 1982. The singer should have a reasonably nice boat if he plans to take it all the way in which to Catalina Island. That’s 26 miles throughout the sea, based on The Four Preps music. For some land that I ain’t purchased purchased purchased” Shana Cleveland Face of the Sun Shana Cleveland is an L.A. based mostly artist and vocalist and guitarist for the surf noir rock band La Luz. This psychedelic folk music is from her solo album “Night of the Worm Moon” launched in 2019.

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I gotta sweet, sweet jelly roll.” B Babys, The California The Babys are a British rock band that started in 1975. This music comes from their third album “Head First,” released in 1979. You were the one who rescued me….” Dave Alvin California Snow Dave Alvin was within the Blasters, an 80s roots rock band who also sings beautiful folksy/nation acoustic guitar-based mostly songs like this one. In this 1998 track, Alvin takes on the persona of a Border Patrol Officer who drives at night time in San Diego County. In Olema, California, Planet Earth” Youth Brigade Sink with California Youth Brigade is a hardcore punk band shaped by three brothers in 1980 in Hollywood. This track is from the 1983 model of their album “Sound & Fury.” Nancy Wilson I’m Always Drunk in San Francisco (And I Don’t Drink at All) Nancy Wilson is a Grammy-winning American track stylist initially from Ohio.
Sleater-Kinney Jumpers Sleater-Kinney is a rock trio named after a street in Olympia Washington where the band shaped in 1994. They are usually mentioned as a part of the Riot grrrl feminist punk rock motion that had much of its origins in the dankstop multi color swirled hand pipe Olympia space in the early 90s. Guitarist Carrie Brownstein can be known for starring within the satirical comedy TV sequence “Portlandia.” This track is from their 2005 album “The Woods.”
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San Francisco was one of many few relatively gay-tolerant cities in the USA in the Seventies. (Relatively – we must always not neglect the assasination of Harvey Milk.) So the city was an obvious subject for a song. (and so forth.)” Unified Theory California Unified Theory is a rock band fashioned in Seattle manufactured from ex Blind Melon and Pearl Jam musicians. This music, from an album launched in 2020, is concerning the draw back of the nice life in the Golden State. U2 is a rock band shaped in 1976 in Dublin Ireland that has made a gazillion dollars and won a bazillion awards. (Feel free to cite those statistics.) This music is from the album Songs of Innocence . Theory of a Deadman Santa Monica Theory of a Deadman is a Canadian rock band formed in 2001. This music is from their 2005 album “Gasoline.” Wickipedia says that this song was used in the video game Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, which makes me surprise if video games shall be releasing soundtracks some day.

The title is wordplay on an obsession with youth in Los Angeles. The city is rarely specifically talked about, however the first line of the track which feedback on the climate, along with the title, make it obvious that this track is about Los Angeles. The very colourful video for the music parodies ladies’s yoga, magnificence therapies, style, cosmetic surgery, and weird sushi, all of that are more stale stereotypes of L.A. Clark was raised in Texas but she lives in New York City where girls are just as obsessed with youth and everything else shown within the video. There’s one other song on the album referred to as “New York” with one other colourful video.
  • This song is from their 2013 album “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.” Leto says that the track is the story of his brother and his travels to Los Angeles to make their goals come true.
  • Thirty Seconds to Mars City of Angels Thirty Seconds to Mars is a rock band from Los Angeles fronted by lead vocalist Jared Leto, who can also be an Oscar-winning actor and film director.
  • “It’s a love letter to that beautiful and bizarre land.”
  • The track uses the theremin extensively, which provides a way of different-worldliness to it.
  • (There are other California songs on this record beneath Frank Black.) Velouria is from the Pixies’ third album “Bossanova” released in 1990.
  • Oh oh oh oh it’s international love….” Pixies Velouria The Pixies are an alternate rock band shaped in Boston in 1986, fronted by Black Francis, aka Frank Black.

This is the debut single from their debut album “People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm” released in 1990. I know that driving from Brooklyn to El Segundo in California takes more than the 2 and a half days drive talked about in the track, which could point out that the El Segundo of the song is only a fantasy place, but for more than 25 years I have not been able to see or hear the name of town in LA County with out considering of this music, so this can all the time be a California song for me. Transplants California Babylon From the 2002 first album by the punk rock/rap group shaped by members of the band Rancid together with musicians from Slackers and Blink-182. Train California 37 Train is a rock band shaped in 1993 in San Francisco. Finally anyone wrote a track about Highway 37 – which runs between Vallejo and Novato. I hope because of this the ninety four will lastly get its track, and perhaps the 168, too, and let’s not neglect the 395. Make you see things our way.” Tower of Power The Oakland Stroke Tower of Power is an American horn-based funk band fashioned in Oakland in 1968 and doubtless finest identified for the 1973 track “What is Hip.” This song is from their 1974 album “Back to Oakland.”
Hey, hey, I wanna be a rockstar….” Nico Vega Hollywood Sign Nico Vega was a rock band from LA fashioned in 2005, fronted by vocalist Aja Volkman. This song, from their first launch EP “chooseyourwordspoorly,” seems to be one other reference to committing suicide by jumping from the highest of the Hollywood sign. I’m lastly able to go to California” Randy Newman I Love L.A. I’m undecided if this track is satire or if it was commissioned by the L.A. City Council to promote tourism. Many of Newman’s different songs are satirical, and there is some of that right here – New York is simply too cold and the individuals costume like monkeys and Chicago is for Eskimos. But mostly, it appears he simply loves driving round L.A. If he did not have a automotive, I doubt he would love L.A. as much. But the sun sank west of the Mendocino County Line.” Neon Trees Hooray For Hollywood Neon Trees are a rock band formed in Utah in 2005 by a few guys who grew up in California. The title is a sarcastic play on the campy Hollywood anthem, evidenced by the listing of lifeless stars who died tragically by 2012. Unfortunately, there have been a lot more names to add in the following six years.
By the sea.” Less Than Jake Hell Looks a Lot Like L.A. Less Than Jake is a third wave ska punk band from Florida, fashioned in 1992. This is from their “Borders & Boundaries” album released in 2000. Apparently, Hell has site visitors jams and fast meals jobs, and doubtless plenty of palm timber, too. Listening to this song again I forgot how much I like ska punk. Maybe it’s time for a fourth wave. She did not say a lot of something.” Hole Celebrity Skin Hole is an alternative rock band shaped in L.A. in 1989 by Courtney Love, an artist/actress/singer/songwriter. This song , from their third album “Celebrity Skin,” launched in 1998, is the band’s most successful industrial single. California Shake” Arlo Guthrie Comin’ into Los Angeles This folks rock classic was launched in 1969 on the album “Running Down the Road.” Arlo’s esteemed father Woody Guthrie sang folks songs about dust bowl refugees migrating to California to search out work whereas Arlo Guthrie sang about smuggling drugs into Los Angeles. Guns N’ Roses One in a Million Guns ‘N Roses is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame multi-million-document-selling exhausting rock band shaped in L.A.
She obtained a complete bunch of nothin in there.” Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention San Ber’dino This is a crazy progressive rock track from the band’s final studio album “One Size Fits All” launched in 1975. Like they’re residing within the motion pictures like they’re so cool” Whitney No Woman Whitney is an Indie Rock / Indie Folk band from Chicago that includes a couple members of the defunct band Smith Westerns. This track is from their 2016 debut album “Light Upon the Lake.” There’s a great article on bandcamp concerning the music, its creation during exhausting instances and a brutal Chicago winter and dreams of occurring the road and escaping to the sunny haze of a winter in L.A. Of males that don’t bother with the taste of a teat” Weezer L.A. Girlz In this music from the band’s wonderful 2016 album called The White Album, erudite singer and songwriter Rivers Cuomo quotes Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky and makes reference to Dante’s dedication to Beatrice in The Inferno along with lifeguard towers on Santa Monica Beach. Who cares what it means. It rocks. Village People San Francisco (You’ve Got Me) This is another track from the band’s eponymous 1977 album.

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Mr. T. Experience, The Gilman Street An upbeat enjoyable punk basic from Frank Portman and his Berkeley pop punk band. 924 Gilman Street is an all-ages, not for profit, collective music club started in 1986 in Berkeley the place no racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or major label bands are allowed, that was nonetheless in operation 26 years later when I put it on this list. The track paperwork and parodies typical Berkeley grass roots democracy on the identical time “you possibly can vote on whether or not you are gonna vote,” and turns all of it into an anthem for all young punks and socially aware do-it-yourselfers everywhere.
California” Foals, The London Thunder The Foals are an English indie rock band shaped in 2005. This music is from their 2015 release What Went Down. There’s only one point out of San Francisco, they usually rhyme it with “disco” which ought to immediately disqualify any music from inclusion on this record, nevertheless it’s not the primary time I’ve heard that rhyme in a track, and it’s a song I like so much, so right here it is. Yeah watch the world die” F Fall, The L.A. I actually do not care if they’re singing in regards to the metropolis of L.A. Their video seems to think so. I love this music. The music is hard and driving however sparse and minimal in that eighty’s submit-punk way in this1985 release from the good UK band. First climbed onto the shores of California” Dressy Bessy California This is a a type of indie rock songs that seems like everybody within the band is singing and taking part in their devices for the primary time and couldn’t care less about the track. It’s a skill that in all probability took them years to master. The band was fashioned in Denver in 1996 and has a female lead vocalist.

This song is from the band’s 1994 album “Last of the Independents.” I must be in California” Ozomatli City of Angels A 2007 song from the L.A.Latin hip hop rock band that is not afraid to throw in shout outs to their highschool or to Manicheism. The title of the track refers to the literal translation of the Spanish language name for the town of Los Angeles. not this time anyway….” OneRepublic Good Life This is considered one of my favorite songs from this Colorado pop rock band, greatest recognized for his or her large 2007 hit “Apologize,” remixed by Timbaland. I’m additionally a big fan of the producing and songwriting of the band’s lead vocalist Ryan Tedder, who has written some great songs for Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Adele, Leona Lewis, and many others. So I’m placing this track on the list, despite the fact that it barely mentions L.A. Miguel The Valley Another song from his 2015 album, Wildheart.
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From the grave of San Francisco Fan” Cake Bound Away Cake is an alternative rock band from Sacramento shaped in 1991. This music, which name checks their house town, is from their 2011 album “Showroom of Compassion. The band’s most commercially successful song, this is often thought-about a protest music in regards to the war in Viet Nam, however it was not written as an anti-warfare track. It was written by Steven Stills who was impressed by the Sunset Strip curfew riots in November of 1966. Basically it was about younger people rioting as a result of they couldn’t get into golf equipment late at evening. The music was launched shortly afterwards in late December 1966. The lack of a particular topic has let it serve as a universal protest track and anti-war anthem for any time and place.

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This slow-burning love music is from his second studio album “Tangled Up.” Besides being a number one hit for many weeks, it gained plenty of awards, including Single of the Year for each the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association. Driving a sportscar up the coast of California is certainly worthy of inclusion on the singer’s bucket list.
This nonsense rock music, written by Hoyt Axton, was a top 10 hit in 1971. I just had to embrace it on this record due to the uncommon reference to Needles, although the name was only used as a result of it rhymes with Beatles. Nobody would take the 40 to Needles after they’re driving to Vegas from southern California or Arizona except they’re coming from Blythe, maybe, or Lake Havasu. Axton launched his own model of this song years after Three Dog Night. This song is from the band’s 2004 stay album “Venue Songs” which is a compilation of songs they wrote at stops on their 2004 tour about venues they played. But there’s not so much I can do” Supertramp Gone Hollywood This music is from the band’s 1979 album “Breakfast in America.” You really feel it when the dance will get hot” Sublime Garden Grove This is one other song from the band’s last album “Sublime” launched in 1996.
The Welcome Matt In San Francisco The Welcome Matt is a band based in San Francisco fronted by Matt Langlois, a longtime San Francisco transplant originally from New England. This music is from the band’s album “The Panhandle Years” launched in 2012. ” Weezer Hash Pipe There are lots of totally different verison of the lyrics for this song online. For instance, “Down on Santa Monica” (Blvd.) – a street infamous for its trick-turning prostitutes – I assume the lyrics ought to read “tips aren’t for teenagers, while most lyrics show “methods are for kids” as a result of that is how the cereal slogan goes. Either means, this is one other bone-crunching guitar rock gem from the 2001 album “Weezer” aka “The Green Album. This song is a single from his as yet unreleased second album to be released a while in 2020. Tom Waits San Diego Serenade This is from Tom Waits’ second album “The Heart of Saturday Night,” launched in 1974.
Thirty Seconds to Mars City of Angels Thirty Seconds to Mars is a rock band from Los Angeles fronted by lead vocalist Jared Leto, who can be an Oscar-successful actor and movie director. This track is from their 2013 album “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.” Leto says that the music is the story of his brother and his travels to Los Angeles to make their goals come true. “It’s a love letter to that stunning and bizarre land.” Oh oh oh oh it is international love….” Pixies Velouria The Pixies are an alternate rock band fashioned in Boston in 1986, fronted by Black Francis, aka Frank Black. (There are other California songs on this record beneath Frank Black.) Velouria is from the Pixies’ third album “Bossanova” released in 1990. The track makes use of the theremin extensively, which provides a sense of other-worldliness to it. Look at California” Mazzy Star California Mazzy Star is another rock band from Santa Monica greatest identified for his or her slow and dreamy 1993 hit song “Fade into You” sung by Hope Sandoval. With principally acoustic guitar and atmospheric vocals, this song is from “Seasons of Your Day”, released in 2013, the band’s first album since 1996.

It never mentions town besides within the title, however he does sing about his “hometown” which at one time was San Diego. Driving down the 1″ Village People In Hollywood Village People is a disco band created in Seventies New York City, named after Greenwich Village, residence to a big homosexual population. The band focused the gay disco audience with the band members dressing in costumes depicting macho male stereotypes. “Macho Man” and “YMCA” have been two of their biggest hits. This song is from the group’s self-titled first album, released in 1977. Tribe Called Quest, A I Left My Wallet in El Segundo New York hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest had been pioneers of Alternative hip-hop within the late 80s.
Jack Keroac spent a while in Big Sur and wrote a book named after the realm and this track is meant to be about him. When I’m gone, remember all I’ve done, ‘un” 10,000 Maniacs City of Angels 10,000 Maniacs is another rock band based in New York in 1981, with most of their success between 1987 and 1993 when Natalie Merchant was the lead singer and main songwriter. This track is from their 1987 album “In My Tribe.” The title of the song refers back to the literal translation of the Spanish language name for the city of Los Angeles.
Another song on the album “Redwood Tree” is about taking shelter beneath a redwood tree, maybe one in Marin County where Morrison was dwelling at the time. about buyin’ my big home in California.” Van Morrison St. Dominic’s Preview This is a classic Van Morrison track from his1972 album with identical title because the track. He names several places from totally different instances in his life, including San Francisco, the place the album was recorded. “St. Miguel Leaves Miguel is a singer-songwriter-producer from L.A. who’s usually positioned among the curent new wave of R&B artists, though he also incorporates rock, psychedelic, digital, funk, and hip hop styles in his music.
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